Uptown Planners serves in an advisory role to the City of San Diego on topics related to land-use, development, and discretionary projects in the six neighborhoods of Uptown. Additionally, we provide a forum for public discussion of planning issues in Uptown. Our board and committee meetings welcome and are open to participation by all interested community members. We take suggestions for our agenda from residents, business owners, project applicants, and City staff who seek advice from the board as part of the City’s community planning process.

On February 6, 2017, the City posted and implemented the new Uptown Community Plan and Uptown Zoning approved last November, but only as separate documents. Therefore, it is necessary to consult both documents for any zoning question and, if there is a conflict, to submit a request to the Planning Department and/or the Development Services Department to explain how to resolve it.

Uptown Planners is the only legally recognized community planning group (advisory board) to the City of San Diego regarding land use, development, and discretionary projects in Uptown, which includes the neighborhoods of Bankers Hill/Park West, Five Points/Middletown, Mission Hills, the Medical Complex, Hillcrest, and University Heights. Here are our organization’s bylaws.

Meetings provide an organized forum for dialogue on these issues, and topics may originate from the City, from residents and business owners, or from applicants with projects who are seeking input from the Board and the community as part of the permitting process.

Meeting Agenda and Supplemental Materials:

Notice of Adjournment for Regular Board Meeting, Tuesday 5/2

(If you would like to receive agendas via email, send your request to
sdplanninggroups@sandiego.gov and indicate your interest in our specific community planning group, Uptown Planners.)

Supplemental Materials:

           Uptown Project Pipeline (Current as of March 18, 2017)

           Proposed changes to City Land Use Code re: companion/accessory units (“granny flats”)

 Note: Some materials are in PDF format. Larger files may be combined into binders and may need to be opened in a stand-alone PDF application, as the viewer plug-in for a web browser may only display the first document in a binder. Get Acrobat Reader free (uncheck the McAfee option):  https://get.adobe.com/reader/

About Our Meetings

The Uptown Planners Board meets the first Tuesday of each month (except January and July) starting at 6:00PM. Members of the public are encouraged to attend.

Regular meetings are held at the Joyce Beers Center, 3900 Vermont St, San Diego 92103. Special meetings may be held at larger venues located in Uptown. Check the agenda link above for specific meeting details.

Public participation influences the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Community residents and business owners are highly encouraged to participate in Uptown Planners meetings and may speak on any topic at the beginning of the meeting and/or on item the agenda. You may also speak during public comment at the beginning of the meeting on any item not already listed on the agenda. 

Those wishing to provide written comments on an agenda item to the entire board for its review prior to a meeting are asked to send them to the chair at leo.wikstrom@sbcglobal.net.

Public comment sheets may be available at the meetings to help the Board recognize speakers and record their interest.

What Communities Are Within The Uptown Planning Area?

The Uptown Community Planning Area (alternate map) is bounded on the north by the steep hillsides of Mission Valley, on the east by Park Boulevard and Balboa Park, and on the west and south by Old Town San Diego and Interstate 5.

The plan area and neighborhoods represented include: Bankers Hill/Park West, Middletown/Five Points, Mission Hills, the Medical Complex, Hillcrest, and University Heights neighborhoods. 

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