1. Adding a link to a file

Linking to a file has three basic steps: 1) Upload the file to the Media Library; 2) Copy the URL out of the Media Library; and then 3) Apply that URL as a link to something on the page (text, button, image, etc).

Step 1

Upload the PDF/Word file to the Media Library.


Step 2

Go to MEDIA > Library and click on the icon for the PDF (or other file) you wish to link. On the detail screen that comes up, click on the URL and Copy it.


Step 3

Go back to Page/Post where you want to add this document’s link. Highlight the text (or button, image, etc), then click the “Link icon” in the toolbar. Paste the URL into the entry field and hit the blue “arrow” button to apply the link to the object (text, button, image, etc). Now, whenever that object is clicked by a user, it will start a download of the file based on the URL you entered for the link.

download documentation image 3


As a last step, Preview your edit to make sure the link properly downloads the file when clicked. Then Publish the changed page using the blue “Update” button.